How far should I run?

I’ve run a marathon and it hurt, it hurt a lot.  I’ve run 60 miles and it hurt a lot but surprising not as much as the marathon.  My feet hurt more but not my legs.  I know I trained far more for the Ultra and I was more mentally prepared.  I know if the weather had been better I might have survived the whole 66 miles.  Maybe, maybe not.  I don’t know really.  I’ve since learned more about taping my feet up which should help me going into the future.

There are a few races I would like to do next year, ranging from a simple marathon, how crazy does that sound?, a simple marathon! all the way up to a 250 mile race.  Mentally I can face anything, any distance, I know I have the capacity for that, I know I can just shut off and trudge on regardless.  Whether my body can survive a massive endurance endeavour like a 250 mile race is debatable but I think that I have to find out.

I’m not young, in fact I will be 50 in 3 months but I think that I have to try these crazy things.   I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I never have done and I never will do.

So my hopes for 2017 are to compete in The London Marathon, but only on a ballot place, redoing The Isle of Wight Challenge, just to finish those last 6 miles, GUCR, 145 miles from Birmingham to London and the Thames Way 250, a monster of a race.

Are they all possible in one year?  I have no idea but you never know until you try.


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