So you’re having a Crappy Day

Everyone’s definition of a crappy day is different.  That stands to reason as all of us are different in our own little ways.  Then I thought “What is a crappy day for me?”  Compared to a crap day or a shit day or just “I’m having a bad day” “What is a crappy day for you?  It might be an alarm that doesn’t go off, coffee machine that just won’t work, traffic, sardine can train, the kind of day that starts badly and has nowhere to go but down.

I don’t really have crappy days, I might have a day that’s a bit crap or a day that’s a bit meh! , but crappy days seem to have left me alone for quite a few years now.  I know I’m lucky but also I don’t stress the little things anymore.

The group that I am involved in called I Run For Michael have many people who are genuinely having a crappy day.  People who would look at your crappiest ever day and wish theirs could be that good just once. Here’s one post from today:

Sorry guys I am just having a really nasty week, see along with cerebral palsy I have rheumatoid arthritis, complex post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression and borderline personality traits. This week I had an advocacy meeting that did not go the best, I been swollen and unable to move for a day and when I did manage to rock up to class I had a cptsd episode because of the loud construction works that we’re going on about 15 meters from my lecture room, today I missed class because my meds made me sleep in, trying to study but it is all just stressing me out. I’m sorry x.

What hit me the hardest about this post were the first and last words:  Sorry.  Sorry?  Apologising for not one disability but multiple disabilities?  Has our world really come to this?  That we expect disabled people to apologise for being disabled and having a crappy day?  Or even worse that disabled people feel that they need to apologise?  The poster is a 22 year old woman and compared to some of the kids in I Run for Michael, she’s having a wonderful time.


The group I Run for Michael matches runners with disabled children.  The matches are random and the idea is the children “run and see the world” through their runner.  There is also a group for the Siblings of the disabled children so no child is left out.  I’ve run for one of these children for two years and have even flown over to the States to see her twice.

This isn’t a post about charity, I don’t want your money and neither do the kids.  They want recognition as human beings, as people, they want an escape mechanism from a life of pain and suffering and that is what we give them. We can’t make them better but we can make them feel better. We give love, time and dreams, through us they have a window into a world they don’t know and probably can never have.  Through us they travel the world, they experience the wind in their hair and they run with us.  I run for Addey and we’re having a GREAT day.


3 thoughts on “So you’re having a Crappy Day

  1. Tonya says:

    Chris, Your words are spot on. We are Erin’s voice. We are constantly apologizing for her behaviors which are a manifestation of her disability. We shouldn’t have to do that but oftentimes we are made to feel that just the explanation of her diagnosis isn’t enough. So, when I do say I am sorry, I am not sorry that Erin has autism, cerebral palsy, verbal and motor planning dyspraxia, and stroke issues, I am sorry that the world around her cannot see what an amazing person she is. All they see is a misbehaving child or a parent who cannot control the child. You are an amazing supporter of the IRun4 group. Keep it up! See you soon on this side of the pond!

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