I Don’t Trust Non-Running Physios

Why I never trust a non running physio.

Paul: I’ll be looking after you today as Dave’s on holiday.
Me: Okay
Paul: Looking at your charts you’ve been suffering for a while now.
Me: That’s right
Paul: Is it still tender at all?
Me: It flares up a bit after a run and can be a bit painful for a few hours.
Paul: You’re still running on it?
Me: Well….yes.
Paul: You do realise that it’s going to take ages to heal if you keep over using it.
Me: I’m only doing minimal mileage.
Paul: Right, this has to stop! No Strenuous exercise for 2 months.
Me: Apart from races, yeah?
Paul: What?
Me: You know, apart from races.
Paul: No, no! Nothing at all for 2 months.
Me: I see. Just parkruns then
Paul: NO!! NOTHING!!
Me: So no strenuous exercise at all?
Paul: Exactly.
Me: So reduce my speed by what? 30 seconds per km or 1 minute per km?
Paul: I give up.

Thank goodness Dave is back in 2 weeks. He understands as he’s a runner. 🙂


Of course I do trust my physio until he says don’t run, I mean, WHAT??  🙂


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