Anatomy of a Run

What really happens when we run (maybe): NASA Style
Brain: This is mission control we are at T minus 5 minutes, let’s have a Status check.
Head: Covering on.
Ears: Plugs inserted.
Chest: 2 Layers on.
Left Arm: Music device in place.
Left Wrist: Timer in place.
Hands: Gloves on
Legs: Covered.
Knees: A bit sore but within parameters.
Feet: Ready to go. Shoes on.
Brain: Listen up people, this one’s for Addey so no mistakes, make it a good one. Here we go!!
Left Wrist: HOLD ON!! Still waiting for a signal mission control.
Brain: Legs move us around a bit to help Left Wrist.

(2 minutes later)
Left Wrist: Okay, ready to go.
Brain: Activate music, activate timer, Legs take us away.
Legs: Okay we’re off, feet keep up please.
Brain: Ears keep us informed of the information the lady tells us.
Ears: Roger mission control, just passing through ½ km now and she says we’re going a little fast.
Brain: Concentrate now don’t let this get away from us, we can’t have a repeat of last time
Eyes: Feet! Puddle ahead, please avoid it.
Feet: Thank you eyes, legs ready to jump?
Legs: Ready……….and GO!
Brain: Good job everyone, looks like we’re about halfway.
Ears: Confirmed mission control, halfway point and on schedule.
Left Knee: Excessive soreness occurring. Checking
Brain: Can you continue, without you it’s all over?
Left Knee: Permission to use mouth to vent, it might help.
Brain: Permission granted, area is clear of civilians, proceed with venting.
Mouth: $***@£&$ %$££$ $£%$%$%$
Left Knee: That seems to have worked a bit, will continue with movement
Ears: Lady reports 4 km completed on schedule, Irene Cara singing about Fame again.
Stomach: Mission control we have a problem! Experiencing pizza problems.
Brain: Elaborate Stomach please.
Stomach: Pizza had not completed full nutritional circle before mission start.
Brain: Can you hold it together for 3 minutes. Legs, we have a CODE RED. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. Move it, move it!
Eyes: I see the docking station, hands get unlocking device out of pocket.
Brain: Well done everyone, we learned a few things today but overall a good job.


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