Great North Run – 9 weeks away.

The Great North Run is one of those iconic runs that I have watched on TV for years without having one moment when I thought that I would like to run it.


It always seemed to be cold and rainy or, very occasionally, blisteringly hot when I watched.  Add to the fact that it is 300 miles away and therefore not an away day race and it just wasn’t a race I had considered entering.

Then I got swept away and succumbed to group peer pressure and entered the ballot.  Of course I couldn’t get into the race I wanted which is 16 miles away, that would have been far too easy, but I did get a GNR place.  On advice from friends I immediately started to look for a place to stay as places go fast.  Newcastle isn’t a big city and the amount of accommodation available no way matches the demand.  Luckily I managed to secure a place in a hostel very close to the start line, which will help in the morning but will be of no help later on.

I’ll be traveling up  from London with a friend from Facebook, so it’ll be nice to know someone and have someone to have an evening meal with.  We run at a very similar pace so all being well we can run it together as well before traveling back home.  The plan right now is just to run at a steady pace, no PB’s or anything crazy.  🙂  It’ll be a nice distraction from Ultra training anyway.

Training has been a little sporadic recently.  I am always aware that my tendon injury just isn’t healing fast enough and I’m not really helping it by running but I’m impatient and I am fully aware how easy it is to get into a habit of not running.  I’m not running far usually 6 – 10 kilometers, 3 or 4 times a week at no great pace.  Mostly I’m experimenting with running with different levels of food inside me; anything from being completely empty to being absolutely stuffed.  Almost no difference for me, of course after 2 pizzas I did run a little slower.  🙂

It’s still a little surreal to me that I now look at a half marathon as a comfortable distance if run at a sensible pace.  It’s still a distance to be respected but, for me, not to be feared.


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