Back on the Horse Again.

“Get back on the horse” they say when you fall off.  What??  If I ever fell off a horse there would be no way I’d be climbing back on the vicious beast.

I ran past yesterday’s crime scene, look it’s my story so I’ll call it what I want and anyway, clumsy bugger can’t pick up his feet scene just doesn’t have a ring to it.  So back to the crime scene and you will never believe what’s there now.


No flowers, no teddy bears, no weeping fans, no paparazzi not even a small plaque saying “Chris Fell Here”.  It was like no one cared.  I thought about this as I ran along, slower than yesterday; I wasn’t going to make the same mistake and run fast ever again.  After about 3 kilometres it dawned on me why there was nothing there:  No one had seen it happen and obviously I hadn’t told hardly anyone apart from the Internet of course so how on earth would they know.  Feeling better about the whole incident I plodded on testing my knee until I got home.


So what have I learned from yesterday and this morning?

You have a better chance of getting to your destination if you go slow and steady rather than trying to go too fast.

When you fall down, brush yourself off and get on with it.  If you fall again you’re just clumsy and learned nothing from the first time.

No one cares about your life unless you tell everyone over and over again on social media.

I hate horses.


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