A new age Category!!

Yesterday I entered a new age Category: 50 – 54 years old.  Less pressure trying to compete against the youngsters under 50 years old but at the same time more pressure as I’m the youngest in the new category.  My age grading in parkrun should get better especially as I continue to lose weight, 20 lbs so far, and my speed does seem to be getting better.

There was, yesterday, a moment when I felt like I was coming around the corner onto the finishing straight as 50 is such a definitive number and so many people told me so.  I’d like to see it as turning the corner onto the second half of the race that is my life.  Whether it is or not we will have to wait and see.  But I intend to do what I can to prolong my own life. 🙂

Does this mean a shift to eating healthy?  Of course not, after all if I’ve survived this long on the crap I eat, changing now could do more harm than good.  That’s probably a load of nonsense but why take the chance?  Pizza you will always be with me well until I eat you of course.

Moving onward, I have planned about half of my race route in November and will be going out this Friday night to do an overnight run to properly road test head torches, flashy lights, nutrition and my GPS thingy that I’m slowly starting to understand, must be my age or something.  I’m looking to run 10 -12 hours through the night and will be hoping on running around the 50 mile mark.  With just over a month before my 24 hour race the GPS thingy is my only uncertainty I have and it’s an important one.  Hopefully practicing close to home on routes I roughly know will make it easier.  Fingers crossed  🙂


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