Stuff I run with

Clothes and Equipment and other stuff for running.

From Top to Bottom and sideways too.


I do love a buff and have loads of them, some good and some not so good.  I have a few that came from races and they tend to be okay, a couple I have bought that are just delightful and loads people have given me that work well around my neck as well as a nice head cover.  I do sweat a bit so if they can keep some of the sweat out of my eyes then they are doing well.  I have a couple of caps for when it rains as they not only keep the rain off my face but also help shape my waterproof top hood so I can see.

2016-03-14 14.38.45

My Sunglasses are a lightweight generic brand that are so light that I have searched for them when they were on top of my head.

Head torch has lumens, quite a few in fact but I forget how many.  I probably need more but there again I’m not racing at top speed at night, ever. A set of batteries did last me over 8 hours last time out.

 Top Base layer

Again generic brands, short sleeved and long sleeved versions depending on weather.  As I’ve mentioned I am a sweater so these wicking layers really have their work cut out for them.  Having another wicking top over the base layer keeps me pretty dry and is so cooling on a hot day.

Bottom Base layer


Only one choice for me. Runderwear.  I won a pair in a competition and have never changed again.  I’ve changed the one pair, obviously, I’m not a complete Troll.  They are a little expensive but they work so well, like having your Crown Jewels cupped in a nest of soft goose down.  Seriously the best investment I’ve made.  Runderwear – seriously good undies.


I have a few running tops but the one from the Isle of Wight Challenge has become my favourite.  It just fits me well, no chafing, no issues.  That’s all I want from a top.


Still experimenting with a few brands and types.  I have summer ones and winter ones but wear the tops only as I hate wearing the leg bits.


I love Hilly Mono Lites but recently I was given some More Mile road socks and I do like them, I have some trails ones too but they won’t get much use for a while.


At the moment I use Saucony Jazz 17 for the Road and I hate trails so I have other shoes for those.  🙂

Back Pack

I’m quite a big chap so the all singing and dancing Ultra vests don’t fit me well so I use an Osprey Viper 9 cycle backpack.  It has a 3 litre rigid bladder and tons of space for everything else I might want to carry.  Very comfy for long runs.


Fenix 2 with a backup 310XT

Etrex20x. Looks nice but have yet to use it.

Power bank.  I have a 50,000 one which can charge my phone and my watch at the same time quite a few times.

Other Stuff

Silva Compass in case I get lost and then I can throw it at someone, probably.  I was a boy scout and can actually use a compass, which is a good thing as I haven’t learned to use my Etrex20x GPS thingy yet.  Need a teacher for that thing.

Whistle.  It’s a metal one and makes a good noise perfect for when my GPS gets me lost.

Emergency blanket.  Better safe than sorry I reckon.

Compeed plasters.  Tapes of various types.